Case Study

PaperSeal® Project

  • New Product
  • Product Impact
  • Usage Guidelines

This project provided Graphic Packaging International and ABP Food Groups with insights into buyer perception and acceptance of the new PaperSeal® tray in the red-meat category.


The Real World User Insights service provided Graphic Packaging and ABP with insights into new product performance, impact, and usage guidelines for the PaperSeal® tray.

The Brief

Graphic Packaging International were launching a new product packaging option.


PaperSeal® is a paper-based tray, and GPI wanted to understand consumer perceptions and acceptance of this new pack in the red meat category.


We divided the study into three sections to gain insights in the following design features: material acceptance, colour preference, and graphic intervention awareness.

1. Material: Paper vs Plastic


Part One of this study gained insights into customer acceptance and preference of the PaperSeal® tray as an alternative material to standard plastic PET trays.

2. Colour: Print Finishes


Part Two of this study determined consumer preferences and associations to different print finishes on PaperSeal® trays.

3. Graphic Interventions: Sustainability Cues


Part Three this study determined which sustainability cues are the most relevant to consumers when shopping for red meat.